Welcome to the Sake Sommelier of the Year website.

Welcome to
the Sake Sommelier
of the Year website.

In the first of its kind to be held outside Japan, the Sake Sommelier of the Year competition is organised by the Sake Sommelier Association.

Japanese sake is currently enjoying an elegant appreciation in the world as a brand new and sophisticated drink and it is increasingly being appreciated in the same vein as fine wine.

The competition aims to find the most skilful Sake Sommeliers bringing them to the attention of their customers and employers and raising the profile of their profession along with their establishments. An enormous amount of learning and confidence-building takes place by taking part in the competition.


The Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) is an independent organisation formed to develop the understanding, education, and appreciation of Japanese sake. Founded in 2006 and based in London, it is the first organisation in the United Kingdom to offer sake education outside of Japan, and provides Sake Sommelier certification all over the world. The association offers sake courses for professionals in the drinks industry, as well as for those who are just interested in learning more about Japanese sake.

Sake Sommelier of the Year 2016

sake sommelier of the year 2016

A massive congratulations to all those who participated in the Sake Sommelier of the Year 2016.



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